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I originally grew up in Pennsylvania where I also attended the University of Pittsburgh. After chiropractic college in Atlanta, Georgia my wife and I moved to northern Nevada where I did an internship. The “Wild West” grew on us and we decided to open up practice somewhere in a western state. When researching cities we came across Boise and planned a visit. As soon as we arrived in Boise, we were amazed at the natural beauty of the city with its surrounding mountains and rivers. It was an obvious decision. Boise became our new home in 2001.


When I first decided on an office location in Boise 17 years ago, I took time to visit with people in the surrounding neighborhoods. I went door-to-door to ask people if they thought my location was a good choice and told them if they ever needed a chiropractor that I would be there for them. What an amazing experience! People were so welcoming… unlike the East Coast where I grew up. We have had 3 locations in Boise since that time and each experience had led to meeting such kind and wonderful people.


The Boise area offers an ideal blend of small town quality of life with all the amenities of a bigger city. The safe streets in our downtown were something I was not used to. No one would ever walk alone around the streets of Pittsburgh or Atlanta at night. Here it is no problem.


Practicing Chiropractic in Boise has been nothing short of amazing. Helping people who are truly grateful has been something that I have become very accustomed to. It is no secret that there are too many low back surgeries being performed in Boise. According to a study published the American College of Physicians,1 “The rate of surgery for disc herniation varied 8-fold, from 0.24 per 1000 persons in York, Pennsylvania, to 1.96 per 1000 persons in Boise, Idaho.” This unfortunately placed Boise as the #1 city for the highest rate of low back surgery in the country! So, while we make lists for “most livable city”, etc, we are also making not-so-good lists such as this one. This has inspired me to try to find these people who believe there is no other alternative to surgery… People who believe they have tried everything. Using our unique and different methods of analysis and treatment we give hope to those people who feel like surgery is the only option. I would like to think that I have kept thousands of Boise residents avoid surgery for disc herniations over the years.

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