About us

Modern Chiropractic Center

MC2 was created to help Boise area residents with the most difficult spine and health problems. We exist to help people who have tried many other things to help their spine that got only temporary improvement at best. We are here to give hope to those that feel hopeless and provide results that last a lifetime.

For anyone who has tried traditional chiropractic, physical therapy (PT), pain-killers, drugs and even surgery with the problem only to return time and time again, mc2 was created for YOU.

Dr. Joe Betz

Owner & Clinical Director

I have a personal mission to help as many people world-wide with spine problems and health issues. In addition to seeing patients full-time at mc2, I am also a published spine researcher, author and seminar instructor, as well as consultant to doctors throughout North America.

Through these roles, I can improve the care received by thousands of people I’ve never even met. Despite all these other roles, I still make the health of our patients at mc2 my top professional priority.

Our Dedicated Team at Modern Chiropractic Center

Dr. Joe Betz

Owner & Clinical Director

Dr. Katherine Halper

Principal Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Ben Weiss

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Shelinder Ramlochan

Chiropractic Intern

Shelly Betz

Owner & Office Manager

Gracie Walker

Assistant Manager & Chiropractic Clinical Assistant


Client Relations

Lynnae Shutty

Client Relations